25 Bold And Thought-Provoking Illustrations By Spanish Illustrator

Rafael Alvarez is a brilliant illustrator of Spanish origin. Master of Arts in “Illustration as a visual essay”, he shows painfully familiar life situations from a completely different angle. And often it can be shocking.

The ability to shock seems to be a vital component of the artist’s illustrations – even required to challenge the minds of content readers whose attention span gets only smaller with each passing day. According to the artist, although it’s difficult, it’s important to tell the difference between sensationalism and truth or else we run a risk of losing our critical thinking and ability to care about anything at all.

Bold and hooligan drawings of the illustrator can be found in comic books and even children’s books, and among employers are Playboy Magazine, American Express, Paramount Pictures, and many others. They are also popular with art historians, therefore Raphael has repeatedly won prestigious art awards.

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Credits: Alvarez Rafa

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