20 Pieces Of Street Arts That Cleverly Interact With Their Surroundings

Street art is something that makes the evening strolls more colorful. They often disrupt the environment they are painted in and attract the attention of the passers-by, offering them a feast for eyes. But these particular artists are not interested in disputing the environment and attracting their attention. Instead, they have come up with the brilliant idea of blending their painting and the environment together. Street arts which are often 2D now look like they are incorporated into the 3D surroundings!

The most difficult part of this is that they have chosen art which completes the surrounding just right. The pictures below show how creative and clever the artists are in choosing what goes where! When we see just a simple brick lane, a train rail or even a tree, artists see a golden opportunity to paint a scenery out of it.

Oak Oak, Bansky and Ernestas Zacharevicius are few artists who make wonders come true with these interactive arts. Interactive in the sense, they truly complement and interact with the environment.  However, street artists are not the only ones who focus on the idea of art that interacts with the surrounding. These brilliant ambient advertisements are also designed with the goal of interactive art in mind.

We have prepared a collection of street art that collaborates with their surroundings. Scroll down to see how amazing they are.

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#1. Face of The City. Toronto, Canada. (fauxreel)

#2. The Legend of Giants. Bialystok, Poland. (Natalia Rak)

#3. Sum Times. (Akash Nihalani)

#4. Ostrich. Rome, Italy. (Pao)

#5. Satellite Dishes. Birmingham, United Kingdom. (Davyd Samuels)

#6. Bruce Lee. Saint Etienne, France. (Oak Oak)

#7. Sluggo On The Street. (David Zinn)

#8. UK Flags. London, United Kingdom. (banksy)

#9. Pom Pom Girl Sandrine. (Boulet)

#10. Bicycle. George Town, Malaysia. (Earnest Zacheravich)

#11. Cigarro. (6emeia.com)

#12. Shining. France. (Oak Oak)

#13. Hair. Fort De France. Martinique. (Nuxuno xan)

#14. Bird. Athens, Greece. (WD. Street. Art)

#15. Scream, France. (Oak Oak)

#16. The Straw. (mentalgassi)

#17. Seeder. Kaunas, Lithuania. (morfai)

#18. Girl. George Town, Malaysia. (Earnest Zacheravich)

#19. Sideshow Bob, France. (Oak Oak)


#20. Bush, London, UK (banksy)


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