15 Photos Proving Australia Is The Land Of ‘Nope’

Unfortunately for us, Australia isn’t entirely populated just by friendly locals, cool kangaroos, and cute koalas. The Land Down Under sometimes seems like the most dangerous country in the entire planet and should be renamed to the Land of Nope.

In large part, the country owes its reputation to its ruthless natural hazards, the savage animals that live there and all the creepy things that want to make us yell ‘nope!’and run away faster than the speed of sound in the opposite direction.

Images source: reddit

#1 Roofhanger. Suspended Grey Headed Flying Fox, A Megabat Native To Australia

#2 Lizards In Australia

#3 Believe It Or Not, This Is One Of The Least Dangerous Spiders In Australia

#4 Meanwhile In Australia

#5 Araucaria Pine Cone, It’s Been Reported To Kill People When Falling

#6 Do You Even Lift Bro?

#7 Ladies And Gentlemen, The Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus)

#8 Honey, There Is A Kid On Our Bug…

#9 Spider Frost. Rural Victoria, Australia

#10 Toads Riding On A Python

# 11 This Giant, Hot Pink Slug Is Only Found In A Single, Isolated Forest On An Extinct Volcano In Australia

#12 You Know You’re In Australia When Frogs Eat Snakes

#13 March Of The Hairy Caterpillars

#14 Why You Always Gotta “Check Your Shoes” In Australia

#15 Australia. Where Even The Hail Can Kill You

BONUS PHOTO: Meanwhile In Australia

Source: Boredpanda

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