15 People Share The Single Phrase That Annoys Them The Most

While our relationships with others depend on numerous factors, the things we say are surely very important. Here are 15 phrases that many people find the most annoying.

While actions INDEED speak louder than words, words are powerful too. What people say often has a huge impact on us.

Therefore, while words can often motivate us, comfort, and support us, make us feel loved and cared for, some phrases are simply irritating!

There’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated to these, and here are 15 most annoying phrases:

  • “Could have been worse.”

This phrase discredits other people’s suffering. Yup..things can be worse, but they can be better too!

  • “I am who I am and if you don’t like it, that’s your issue, not mine.”

People usually say this when they need an excuse for their poor behavior.

  • “Ladies first.”

You might find this surprising, but many found this polite-sounding phrase derogatory.

  • “I’m not like most girls.”

This phrase is overused. Most people believe that when a girl claims she is not, she is, at least in some way, just like “most girls”.

  • “Am I the only one…?”

The person who asks is completely aware that the answer would be negative.

  • “Get over it.”

This is so rude. You never know the other person’s struggles, challenges, and past experiences, so “getting over it” is not always easy.

  • “Work hard, play hard.”

This phrase annoys many, as not everyone can balance work with pleasure as the phrase makes it seem.

  • “People are dying and you’re sad about this?”

You should never belittle people and discredit their emotions. Just because there are sadder things in life, it doesn’t mean that they are not allowed to emotionally suffer due to their own struggles.

  • “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Let’s not underestimate the power of words.

  • “Same difference.”

People say it annoys as it can be used “ between any two things and it’s still technically the truth.”

  • “You’re so domesticated.”

Everyone defines success differently. This phrase has an extremely sexist connotation, and it implies that having your own, personal place, and looking after it properly is actually a failure in life.

  • “Say it louder for those in the back.”

This phrase is aggressive and rude.

  • “Spit it out.”

Patience is crucial in communication. Therefore, you should never force someone to hurry up and explain things. Some people prefer to take a little bit of extra time to choose their words carefully.

  • “Everything happens for a reason.”

When used to comfort someone going through a difficult time, people claim it is useless, as “the reason” is not immediately apparent, if there is one at all.

  • “Calm down.”

People usually get upset when told to calm down.

We can all be annoying at times, often without realizing it.

However, we need to be more careful if we want to strengthen the bonds with others and create a pleasant rapport with them. Apart from being more enjoyable to be around, pleasant people are happier too!

Happiness facilitated by pleasant interaction with others is one of the greatest contributing factors to people’s assessment of their own well-being.

Here are some useful tips to help you:

  • Don’t look at the phone while talking to someone in person
  • Don’t talk while at the theatre
  • Don’t text while walking
  • Ditch the habit of pen clicking
  • Avoid loud chewing
  • Hold the door for the person behind you
  • Don’t wear too much fragrance
  • Stand on one side on an escalator to allow others to go by you
  • Don’t listen to too loud music on your headphones so other people can hear

Source: tiphero.com

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