11-Year-Old Boy From Nigeria Receives A Scholarship From New York Dance School After His Barefoot Ballet Performance Goes Viral

A barefoot Nigerian boy impressed the world with his impeccable ballet moves and his skills have earned him a scholarship.

Social media is really helpful these days as you get to see so many new things. It’s always nice to read an enchanting story or watch the latest news. Of course, we don’t pay attention to the bad stuff. In this article, we give you the story of a Nigerian boy who is living his dream after his video went viral.

The viral video gave the eleven-year-old a chance to attend a high-end US summer workshop.


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As a dance school in Africa, and Nigeria to be precise our academy stands to educate our audience that ballet is here to stay; “It’s for both boys and girls” said Anthony Mmmesoma Madu. (When ballet was created 400 years ago, it was created for men. Men were the first dancers. a @collagedance ) Special shoutout to all parents who have have allowed their boys to dance. Speaking from the Nigerian perspective most children are enrolled in school to have a white collar job but never to become a dancer. We hope supportive and inspirational mom like Anthony’s mom has given us a reason for early child talent discovery. We are the Nigerian ballet school. A heartfelt thank you to our partners @blacksinballet @ingridsilva @jmentzos @fabiocmariano @m.s.t_dance_center @ruangaldino @travelingtutusinc @fernandomontan0 @thalemawilliamsstudiosusvi @grishkoworld @nikolayworld @bbcnews @graceekpu @balletnoire @abtschool @hurkmanslinda @katwildish #boys #blackboydancetoo #boyswillbeboys ##boyscan #blackboysrock #blackdancers #goboy #dancer #blacklivesmatter #qualityaboveall #nigerianballetschool #nigeria #leapofdanceacademy #vocationaltraining #boys #dancingintherain #viralvideo #vocationalballetschool #goon #bbc #bbcafrica #bbcnews #2020

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It was originally shared by the boy’s dancing school Leap of Dance Academy. Cynthia Harvey took notice of the boy’s skills and called the boy to offer him a scholarship.

The best part? The talented boy will attend a virtual three-week intensive summer workshop in the US.

“The main goal for our school is to have our students represent ballet in Nigeria”

“Anthony is currently in ABT virtual summer intensive”

The business and PR representative at Leap of Dance Academy talked about the boy’s talent. They are grateful for the opportunity. Talented Anthony will get a chance to live his dream and improve his skills.

“It made us feel very overwhelmed and grateful. We cannot believe our eyes, and the outpouring of support, sometimes we think we’re dreaming. God has been so gracious to us by providing all these things.

Anthony is very excited and has always been a hard worker, so he is happy to continue working towards his dreams and have this opportunity. Anthony is currently in ABT virtual summer intensive.

The main goal for our school is to have our students represent ballet in Nigeria well and bring it to the forefront while showing the elegance of ballet, but also letting our culture shine through.”

We look forward to seeing Anthony on the big stage. He deserves a chance and the world needs to hear about this talented boy. His talent will take him places and one day, he will be a superstar and a mentor for all the kids who share the same passion.

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