10 Real Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Mother Earth

The process of knowing everything about our planet has been going on for ages now and people are still searching for answers. The fascination about our planet is never ending and concrete solutions or theories are still not available. What exactly is a ozone layer why does the equator have to exactly pass through the defined longitude and latitude. This is what makes earth an interesting subtext.

Ozone hole is not getting anymore bigger

Recent research has confirmed the fear with which we are living in. The size of the ozone hole has shrunk by 4 million sq km, this is a major difference if we look back at 2000 and look at it now.

Lowest temperature ever

-129°F is the lowest temperature to have ever been recorded on Earth. It was a pretty cold summer day on July 23, 1983 at Vostok Station in Antarctica. Can it get anymore cooler than this we arent really sure.

Spring is here

The phenomenon of spring which isnt widely seen everywhere or experienced continues to enamour us with its magnifience. It travels at the speed of 2 mph.

That is the only place

You would find it very hard to believe that Tian Shan is the only place in the mountains where your blood pressure wouldn’t rise. It sure is a heaven for people with high blood pressure.

It consists of liquid soap

There is palce called Kimolos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea which is only 20.6 sq miles and has a pretty interesting feature. When it rains, the island is covered with soap foam. The fact of the matter is the soil in Kimolos consists of soap clay — natural soap that locals use as regular soap.

Tectonic plates

Primarily owing to the tectonic system, there is a circulation of carbon that prevents the planet from overheating.

Amazon has its underground twin

There is a river called Hamza which flows parallel to the Amazon river about 13,000 ft underground. It is 3,700 miles long and 248 miles wide.The Hamza blanks in the Atlantic Ocean, deep under the surface.

We never knew this

While all this had happened 200 million years ago we never this Pangaea continent would be back and how. Welcome back now we would have 8 continents in totality.

Antarctica has lost 3 trillion ton of ice

Recent advances and studies have proved that Antarctica has lost 3 trillion ton of ice in 25 years. Only in 2017, the Larsen S iceberg broke from Antarctica. It cumulatively weighs more than 1 trillion ton and it’s half the size of Jamaica.

How the world would be without water

We all know and realise the importance of water in life we really cant imagine how life is going to be in the absence of water, an artist has exactly shown it would be a world without water.

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