This Guy’s Wife Got Cancer, So He Did Something Unforgettable, The Last 3 Photos Destroyed Me.

The first time photographer Angelo Merendino met Jennifer, he knew she was the one. They fell in love and got married in New York’s Central Park, surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones.

Five months later Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer. From Angelo’s blog: “I remember the exact moment…Jen’s voice and the numb feeling that enveloped me. That feeling has never left. I’ll also never forget how we looked into each other’s eyes and held each other’s hands. ‘We are together, we’ll be OK.’”

Throughout her battle, Angelo decided to photograph it. He wanted to humanize the face of cancer on the face of his wife. The photos speak for themselves.































Angelo and Jennifer’s story is tragic, but it’s in the face of a tragedy such as this that we rise above.

In Angelo’s case, he has started an organization to help women with their financial struggles during their trials with breast cancer.

Photo Credits: Angelo Merendino

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  • http://facebook lillian hewlett

    You’re with GOD now. Rest in piece.

  • Louise

    I would like to say first off that you are an amazing man. To stand by your partner through all this and it seems to me that you are continuing to show your love for her. As sad as this is, you have made it a loving experience for her. Even though I don’t know her, I thank you for that. This was lovingly presented and for that I thank you. I can tell from the video that she was a beautiful and loving lady; which is hard to find. May the love of your life Rest In Peace. Thank you for being you! <3

  • Kaylee

    This is heartbreaking, but it’s also very beautiful. He is a amazingly gifted photographer. The photos speak volumes. His wife, Jennifer, was beautiful.

  • Gibran

    Awesome story, as the article says: The photos speak by themselves.

    R.I.P this stronger and brave woman.

  • Rey de Vera

    Hi Angelo,

    I admire you and your wife for being so strong and for continually loving each other.

    I also want to be a professional photographer someday and hope I could still have time to take pictures of my wife and son not on those day they are in pain, but on those time we try to rise above the blues.


    Rey de Vera

  • Miriam Zullo

    Angelo: My sister passed away last week. She was 40. The first time she had been diagnosed cancer, she was 28. It was breast cancer, same as your wife. She battled it with all her strentgh. She could recover but when she was 31, it came back, treatment again (the pictures are very illustrative of all the process they go through) again, everything came back to normality, she had a fiancé but doctors never let her had a child because of the risk her life could take, in case there was something going around… And finally, it came back last year, but, this time, it was in her bones. From the first day to the last one, she battled as much as she could, but it’s amazing to see how it transforms a person. Not only physically but emotionally. It’s SO huge. The pictures you took once she was in hospital with people who visited her or with the dogs and the drugs are really moving. So sad but so real. Also, the one when she’s writing in bed. I remember that the last thing my sister bought two weeks before dying was a swimming suit for her…Thanks for sharing your experience. Take care. Miriam.

  • corinna

    you are a wonderful kind man you gave her will hang on from the pictures i believe you brought much love happyness you gave her life by the happyness you brought to her, ,,u may have lost her earthy body, ,,but her soul and heart will always be alive thru what u have created, ,,:-)her pictures and your love memories :-)rip lady i never new you but thanks for sharing this with me and the worldO:-)

  • Islam elnabarawy

    im out of words…all i got is, that’s real:)

  • Mario Fantozzi

    Hi Angelo, I was so moved by your pictures. Normally, I don’t respond to blogs or posts like this but this one touched me deeply. I recently lost my mother to cancer. She died young at 58. I got the news on January 29th that she had late stage stomach cancer. My mother and father hid it pretty well from me until they knew it was terminal. I flew home the next morning to be with her and when I saw her it was quite a shock. I am sure looking at pictures of your beautiful wife that throughout the years the gradual change made it easier to bear but when I saw my mom it wasn’t gradual at all. Last time I saw my mom she weighed 135 lbs and when I got back to Seattle to see her she was 85 lbs and clinging to consciousness. She was on all kinds of painkillers and narcotics to help ease the pain. Doctors said there wasnt anything they could do. It was hard to accept but eventually we did. She died on March 5th in Hawaii. I got 2 good weeks with her and got to say my goodbyes. My only wish was that my wife had gotten to spend more time with her as she was an amazing woman just like your Jennifer was. I appreciate how real you made her sickness look. Many people think of cancer as this faraway sickness that has no face as long as it doesnt affect them. Once you come face to face with cancer do you really appreciate how destructive it really is. I admire your courage and your strength for being with her and being her support system for the hardest fight she ever had. Thank you for baring such a difficult place in your heart. With love and respect, Mario

  • roy

    proof of loyalty

  • Gina

    Such a touching and beautiful story of two people loving each other as the vows say. You are a courageous man and my heart and admiration go out to you. Your wife is beside you loving you every day. To a man that deserves a guardian angel. God bless.

  • David

    Beautiful!! Great man.

  • Sean Hughes

    I think it amazing what you have done and think you must be 1 amazing guy! I lost my mum to the same thing but it was all so quick I had no time for pictures and happiness! I still have all the thoughts I need of her to keep me smiling every day but what an amazing way to celebrate her last days, with you husband and wife! Your a loving husband and a top man! Seeing this shared on Facebook has made me relies at even time of great sadness there is always happiness amongst them! My heart goes out to you at this hard time but think hard of the good times you had together and make them positive and happy

  • Nina

    Light in the darkness…

  • Maria


  • Khamis

    Rest in peace, it’s very hard, how did he make this, I hope cancer disappear from the world.

  • Nelson


  • Nicci

    through all your pain, you created a story. in black and white. one of the best, most emotionally retching moments – the ending.

    i hope you create many, just as beautiful sequels!


    Hi Angelo, you are as brave as your wife. Find happiness in these pictures.

  • eric rumble

    :( this made me cry. i lost my dad to cancer 5yrs ago & i can understand how helpless it can make you feel. i am really touched by your love for your wife!

  • Eman Saeed

    I wish people all over the world men and women have some characters from the one you have. You are a kind person alot of people ypur case run away from such situation. God bless you

  • Barbara

    Blessings to you Sir. You are a true Knight in shining armor ! You can feel the love in your photo’s. I can’t stop crying. I lost my husband 8 years ago, and someday’s are hard to get through. It is true that time is the only relief from the grief. Thank you for sharing your love story.

  • Chawki

    May her soul rest in peace. You are an amazing person, you made all her moments worth living and you were there for the “good and the bad”, this is what marriage is all about. As a Hodgkin’s survivor myself, i know a little portion of what was going on. Again may her soul rest in peace, and may God bless you.

  • Lallian Valte

    Beautiful Photographs. Broke my heart. May God Bless You.

  • Jean-Sébastien

    Bel hommage. Que c’est beau et tellement triste à la fois. God bless you.

  • Shane W.

    I can’t stop looking at this on F.B. It brings it all back. As much as I want to forget this part of my life. I want to hold on to it as well. So I understand why you would document this. The last few photos triggers the surreal moments of my experience. I have never felt so alone in all my days. Thanks to you sharing this. I don’t feel so alone. Thank you.

  • Ruth zou

    A friend of mine share one of this picture in Facebook out of curiosity I click on the link, recently in 2012 February 15th I lost my mom who battle her life with uterus cancer. All this pictures bring tears to my eyes and remind me of my mom. Till now I always put myself to sleep at night with a tears and pain i had suffer from the tragic death of my mom. My prayers and well wishes are always with the people out here who lost their love one because of cancer.

  • http://none linzie hogan

    so so sad,hugs xxx

  • Philip J Storey

    Very touching…I lost my mother to cancer 21 years ago and she was way to young. Just curious, have any of you considered that the foods we eat may be the cause? I have and for all but a small percentage of cases I think it’s the root cause. The food industry does not care about your health and big pharma only hopes that you will continue to be ignorant with your diet so you will have to buy their drugs…WAKE UP people…Eat a healthy plant based diet…minimize your intake of dairy products and meat. Check out these great sources…, Forks over Knives on Netfix, Dr. Dean Ornish.


  • http://facebook Alzaeson

    am really proud of what this man did!!, and what made him think of doing this…… shedding tears!!! this is really a man should be!!! all is well

    this man inspire me much!!!!

  • Mark

    Angelo demonstrates genuine compassion for all individuals and families that have suffered from both the tragic effects of the disease and the failure of our modern medical system to offer viable solutions. Angelo’s photos clearly show that we need solutions now for managing this disease in ways that are humane, nontoxic, maintain health and quality of life and work. Words are no match for the reality captured by Angelo’s camera.

    My story is similar and I created the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute as means to research and develop viable alternatives to conventional therapies. The tragic loss my family has suffered has been given some purpose through my research and being able to help many cancer patients manage their disease without toxic side effects.

  • Sergiu V

    I can`t imagine the pain he feels when he looks at the house without her there where they lived together.It`s heartbreaking…I think i would go insane.Beautiful photos but very painful.

  • Gautam Satpathy

    Jennifer was born 4 days after I was. And she is gone!

    Thank you for sharing this story and the photographs. They show rare love and commitment. God, whichever you worship, bless you.

  • Arnab

    Really touching..Very aptly captured moments clearly depicts the sheer bondage between the couple.Angelo really appreciate your effort of aiding women suffering from breast cancer. Don’t worry she is still with you in every facets of your life. Cheers to Life :)