Nine foods you should never eat again

By on Aug 4, 2013

With so much misinformation out there about food and how it affects human health, making healthy food choices for you and your family can be difficult and confusing. There are a number of specific foods; however, that you will want to avoid in almost every circumstance because they provide virtually no health benefits while posing plenty of health risks. Here are nine foods you should never eat again if you care about preserving your long-term health:


1) White bread, refined flours
. By definition, white bread and refined flours in general are toxic for your body because they have been stripped of virtually all vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other important nutrients. Because of this, the body does not know how to properly digest and assimilate these so-called foods, which can lead to health problems. Refined white flour has also been bleached with chlorine and brominated with bromide, two poisonous chemicals that have been linked to causing thyroid and organ damage. (

2) Conventional frozen meals
. Most conventionally-prepared frozen meals are loaded with preservatives, processed salt, hydrogenated oils and other artificial ingredients, not to mention the fact that most frozen meals have been heavily pre-cooked, rendering their nutrient content minimal at best (especially after getting microwaved again at home). With the exception of a few truly healthy frozen meal brands such as Amy’s and Organic Bistro, most frozen meals are little more than disease in a box, so avoid them in favor of fresh foods. (

3) White rice
. Like white bread, white rice has been stripped of most of its nutrients, and separated from the bran and germ, two natural components that make up rice in its brown form. Even so-called “fortified” white rice is nutritionally deficient, as the body still processes this refined food much differently than brown rice, which is absorbed more slowly and does not cause the same spike in blood sugar that white rice does. (

4) Microwaveable popcorn
. This processed food is a favorite among moviegoers and regular snackers alike, but it is one of the unhealthiest foods you can eat. Practically every component of microwaveable popcorn, from the genetically-modified (GM) corn kernels to the processed salt and preservative chemicals used to enhance its flavor, is unhealthy and disease-promoting. On top of this, microwaveable popcorn contains a chemical known as diacetyl that can actually destroy your lungs. If you love popcorn, stick with organic kernels that you can pop yourself in a kettle and douse with healthy ingredients like coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and Himalayan pink salt. (

5) Cured meat products with nitrates, nitrites
. Deli meats, summer sausage, hot dogs, bacon, and many other meats sold at the grocery store are often loaded with sodium nitrite and other chemical preservatives that have been linked to causing heart disease and cancer. If you eat meat, stick with uncured, nitrite and nitrate-free varieties, and preferably those that come from organic, grass-fed animals. (

6) Most conventional protein, energy bars
. By the way they are often marketed, it might seem as though protein and energy bars are a strong addition to a healthy diet. But more often than not, these meal replacements contain processed soy protein, refined sugar, hydrogenated fat, and other harmful additives that contribute to chronic illness. Not all protein and energy bars are bad, of course — Thunderbird Energetica, Organic Food Bar, Boku Superfood, Vega Sport, PROBAR, and Zing all make healthy protein and energy bars. Just be sure to read the ingredient labels and know what you are buying.

7) Margarine
. Hidden in all sorts of processed foods, margarine, a hydrogenated trans-fat oil, is something you will want to avoid at all costs for your health. Contrary to popular belief, butter and saturated fats in general are not unhealthy, especially when they are derived from pastured animals that feed on grass rather than corn and soy. And if animal-based fats are not for you, stick with extra-virgin coconut oil or olive oil rather than margarine. (

8) Soy milk and soy-based meat substitutes
. One of the biggest health frauds of modern times, the soy craze is a fad that you will want to skip. Besides the fact that nearly all non-organic soy ingredients are of GM origin, most soy additives are processed using a toxic chemical known as hexane, which is linked to causing birth defects, reproductive problems, and cancer. Soy that has not been fermented is also highly estrogenic, which can throw your natural hormone balance out of whack. (

9) “Diet” anything
. Many so-called “diet” products on the market today contains artificial sweeteners like aspartame (Equal) and sucralose (Splenda), both of which are linked to causing neurological damage, gastrointestinal problems, and endocrine disruption. Many diet products also contain added chemical flavoring agents to take the place of fat and other natural components that have been removed to artificially reduce calorie content. Instead, stick with whole foods that are as close to nature as possible, including high-fat foods grown the way nature intended, and your body will respond surprisingly well. (

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  • Arian Tiem Jr

    I really like these lists and I do worry about what I eat, but they should include in these lists alternative foods because like the first paragraph of this article says, “…
    With so much misinformation out there about food and how it affects
    human health, making healthy food choices for you and your family can be
    difficult and confusing…” Thank you!!

    • Jugears McGhetto Jr

      Yea ya know it’s always a good thing to just figure, If man made it, it’s screwed up somehow… Eat what the earth provides, and live long and prosper. Eat food they sell at Walgreens every day, you’re probably gonna have some issues.

      But then again, elect an affirmative action hire president and 8 years of that will shave 30 years off of all our lives. @@ Like NOW. :'(

  • Typical

    Whole Asia eats white rice

    • thedude

      Ummm no? Try the rural areas… Fuck. Now I sound like a pretentious prick. Sorry, I’m stoned.

    • devika

      Not at all. Only in cities they eat white rice. In rural areas and villages, they eat brown rice. I am an Asian.

    • Karthik

      I live in mumbai but i still eat brown rice.. don’t generalize my friend..

    • Karthik

      I live in an Indian city.. i eat brown rice.. don’t generalize my friend.

  • Ima Briwi

    This is a fascinating article but what bugs me is the fact that natural, organic and non-GM food are usually about 10 times more expensive than the processed options. i’d love to eat healthier but to be honest, can’t usually afford it! Think I’ll just have to grow my own 🙂

    • Kgnews Kgnews

      cancer and the medical bills are going to be more expensive.

      • saneman

        what a bullshit argument, you can buy an entire farm with all your cancer savings!

      • Karthik

        you are right.. what about polluted air ?? it can give you cancer as well 😛

  • April Lofgren

    I do not believe that all popcorn kernels are GMO yet. But microwave popcorn is so horrible anyway, if people are going to make popcorn they should just do old-school stove top popcorn. White and blue corn kernels are NOT GMO yet so those should still be safe for sure.

    • Jugears McGhetto Jr

      Yea it’s nasty stuff. Try melting some butter on your own and pouring it on that stuff, it all melts into crud… that alone is enough to make you shelve it for good, anyone with a half brain can tell that stuff isn’t ‘good for you’… the old fashioned ways of everything are better for all of us but those days are long gone.

      If Obama voters weren’t churning out dependents like rabbits we wouldn’t need to worry about overpopulation but we do… and that’s why they’re making all this crud. God didn’t provide enough food to feed do nothing know nothing contribute nothing dead weight like America’s churning out today 🙁

      • rebel83

        You know our life expectancy doing things “the old fashioned way” was like 30 right?

        • marssnw

          I see people living to 100 everyday. They lived the “old fashioned way”.

        • watcherofolde

          That takes into account child mortality,before vaccines. A life expectancy of thirty hasn’t been around since the Dark Ages.

  • Ninety Nine

    But…but they’re so good. And with the way the world is getting itself into, I don’t plan to live for very long. So, frozen pizza dinner tonight and watch a movie while eating extra butter microwave popcorn…yummy

    • Jugears McGhetto Jr

      Ya know I feel the same way and I have MS. Life isn’t meant to last forever and frankly our society is too obsessed with prolonging life which to me is the most unnnatural thing mankind can do..

      It contributes to the very problem that sent these scientists into the lab to create these foods, to feed an burgeoning population worldwide that no longer lives in the third world and if they don’t come up with something, something big is gonna give. MANKIND.

      So I just live it and deal with it… I’m 49, and I’ve survived a brain tumor and 16 years of MS with a crippled left leg, and I work, I play, I do what I do. I don’t wanna live another 10 years because Obama’s so f****d this nation that it’s gonna take 30 years to fix what he fu&***ed and you can BET ON THAT. 🙁

      • Michelle De Bari

        Actually, prolonging life is the most natural instinct for all of us, just as it is with all animals; it’s self-preservation. What we do with food and diet is just another form of that in modern times. However, I will admit that sometimes it DOES get taken too far.

    • Scott White

      “i don’t plan to live for very long.” Jesus sweetie….

  • MrMikeMan

    This article is such crap. I feel bad for you guys being so easily mislead.

    • nellix9

      what parts are crap? elaborate. if you know so much better then why don’t you teach us instead of put us down?

      • noobtreeguy

        1) margarines don’t always have trans fats. check for non-hydrogenated options. vegetable oil is in general healthier than animal derived oils, even if those animals are grass-fed/free range

        2) white rice being bad for you. read: asian diet and check their life expectancies. asians eat rice with almost everything

        3) this article reeks of whole foods propaganda. if you want to be healthy, eat less, exercise more, throw in more vegetables and cut out meat where you can. blogs like this are trying to claim common sense as their own property (like how you shouldn’t eat microwaveable popcorn, which is pretty obvious) and they’re using bad science to mislead you into thinking their speaking from a position of authority/that they actually know what’s good for you so that you’ll buy their recommendations (and subsequently the products they recommend).


        5) You won’t die if you eat these things once a blue moon, moderation is key. It’s not like binging on food one night is going to make you suddenly obese. It takes eating crap food like this over long periods to create the effects they listed. That’s how the “studies” which proved these conclusions were done, and extrapolating them to “you should avoid eating these foods altogether” from a study in which people who ate/did not eat these foods over long time periods is cruel and misleading


        • devika

          Well, not all Asians eat white rice. And those who eat white rice are the ones in the cities and they get all kinds of diseases like others. Brown rice is what we should eat.

      • weasel5i2

        The majority of sources are Natural News, which is WELL known to the scientific community (and anyone with a lick of common sense) for spreading misinformation and pseudoscience. Mike Adams is certifiably crazy and he’s definitely in it for the money.

        Have you ever noticed how the real science websites (such as educational institutions, PubMed, Nature, etc..) are NOT full of ads trying to sell you supplements/foods/essential oils/etc. If you follow the trail on those ads on any of the fraudulent websites like NaturalNews, Mercola, Dr. Oz, and Food Babe, you will see that they are ALL affiliate links which make their owners money. You are welcome to confirm this for yourself, just view the source of their web pages.

        As for “if you know so much better..?” it isn’t anyone’s responsibility to teach you but your own. All of us need to be willing to accept the possibility that what we believe may be wrong. I *always* go out of my way to find other sources for the same information. You cannot trust the first source you read. Here are some critical approaches to websites like the ones I mentioned, by professionals in related fields:

        • nellix9

          well it looks like the troll who originally wrote the first comment got to you through me. all i wanted was more of a discussion instead of a vehicle for someone to put others down. and as far as responsibility for one’s own learning goes, the troll had the opportunity to reply/teach but didn’t.

  • mike

    Read a study or two. Aspartame is harmless.

    • Cindy Williams

      Aspartame is horrible for you….. The fda approved it stating it would take a lifetime for the adverse affects to kick in…… In studies it caused harm to the lab rats but would take much longer to affect humans….. So what is the definition of a life time 50 yrs?80 yrs? Either way it will slowly damage you….. Just saying….. I have read a study or two……

      • Igor

        did you actually read that study or did you just read the abstract. If you read it than you would see that amount of aspartame the lab rats consumed would be impossible for a human to consume.

    • You are joking, right ? The nicest thing you can say about Aspartame is that it is controversial.

    • LeeAnn Gerleman

      I was a diet Mtn Dew addict, a nurse, I would chug that stuff like crazy all shift long. My doctor recommended an A1C test. So my first A1C was 5.8, prediabetic. He said we’d recheck in 3 months, so don’t eat anything good. I promptly forgot about the 3 month test, and decided that artificial sweeteners were not good for me. so I cut out all artificial sweeteners and all HFCS. Using real granulated sugars instead. Three months later, my A1C was 5.0! Normal. My doctor was in shock, said that medical student friends of his had said nutrasweet, etc. was damaging, but didn’t actually believe it until he saw it himself. I have been off of all artificial sweeteners and HFCS for over 4 years now and feel great!

  • iains

    It doesn’t matter if the corn in popcorn is GMO or not. Your body sees it the same as any other corn, it simply doesn’t care. The problem with GMO is not how we digest it, but the legal and sales tactics used against farmers.

    • The problem with GMO is there is no health study required on it at all, and the corn is made to be resistant to some very nasty chemicals that get poured on the crops like crazy so that Monsanto can sell more weed and bug killers – not so that it is better nutrition for you. So ingest lots of weed and bug killing chemicals in your genetically non-tested popcorn if you want to – I see no reason to challenge my body and immune system with that kind of rubbish.

      • iains

        But again it’s not the GMO that is the problem, but what may have been done to it.. but the same could be said for plants that have been selected for similar properties.

      • weasel5i2

        You need to study before speaking, and by “study” I don’t mean “read Natural News” 🙂

        • Hey – why don’t you try reading your own link !! You’ll see that NO STUDY of safety is required whatsoever !

          • weasel5i2

            Are you blind, or did you even read the link yourself? Here are some excerpts you clearly missed:

            Section 3: “..must meet the same requirements, including safety requirements, as foods..”

            Section 4: “Evaluating the safety of food from a genetically engineered plant is a comprehensive process that includes several steps.”

            Section 4: “FDA teams of scientists knowledgeable in genetic engineering, toxicology, chemistry, nutrition, and other scientific areas as needed carefully evaluate the safety assessments taking into account relevant data and information.”

            So yeah, you’re either A) experiencing a virus-infected computer which sent you somewhere else and not to the link I provided, B) trolling/lying, C) not intelligent enough to read English documents, or D) a combination of the above.

          • NO STUDY OF SAFETY IS REQUIRED. Are you so stupid to not realise that a “requirement” for food is NOT A STUDY OF SAFETY. Or that a “Team of scientists” EVALUATING something is NOT A STUDY OF SAFETY. A study is A STUDY OVER TIME OF THE REAL EFFECTS OF SOMEONE CONSUMING THIS PRODUCT. Not some scientists “paid opinion” ! I am far more intelligent than you and am not a shill for the GMO industry as you are.

        • BY STUDY I mean an actual scientific STUDY. Not some “evaluation” by people paid by the industry they are “evaluating” who read some blah blah about the GMO product, and then rubber stamp it – which is the process we currently have. There is no requirement for a STUDY for the safety of these foods.

    • Brian Fundakowski Feldman

      Actually, horizontal gene transfer allows your body to be genetically modified by the food you eat. The more you know?

      • Cat Goodall

        I thought HRT only occurred between bacterial and animal cells, not plant ones.

        • Brian Fundakowski Feldman

          Bacteria in your gut (both established and introduced) can shuttle genetic sequences between themselves and plant/animal material (food) as well as you, the host and your host bacteria. I don’t know if anyone has theorized about how selective this action is.

          • Cat Goodall

            So surely this happens with whatever food you eat, whether it’s GMO or not. I have still yet to see any well-conducted scientific research that says GMOs are bad for humans to eat.

    • Hairy Guy

      are you a guy from monsanto?

  • AA

    You put white rice next to hydrogenated fat and refined sugars. Congratulations, you are a senseless moron.

  • Hel Elizabeth

    and Isagenix, everyone should avoid Isagenix. Not only is it crap but it is a massive con, hugely expensive and encouraging people that it is ‘healthy’ to fast up to two days a week seriously puts people vulnerable to disordered eating at high risk. Go onto an Isagenix page and read the number of people talking about binges – it is so sad. When will people learn a balanced diet is common sense! It isn’t some liquid meal or a quick fix!

  • raman goyal

    wrst articl evr..go lurn sum bio!!!!!!!!!1 n physics.

  • raman goyal

    r u srs

  • brianasher

    Nitrites and nitrates aren’t cancer-causers. White rice is not bad for you…brown is better but no need to avoid white at all costs. Most of the others are good.

    • White rice lets your blood sugar rise fast (like starchy potatoes) so is bad for people with weight problems and diabetic tendencies. It is also an empty food in that it has calories but no minerals or vitamins. It is not the worst thing in the world though so personally I would take it off this list. Nitrates and Nitrites from processed foods however are definitely linked to increased stomach and bowel cancer. The nicest thing you can say about those 2 are they are controversial, and that is a good enough reason to avoid them – you don’t need to eat processed foods, so why take the risk ?

      • rebel83

        Tell that to the Asians, they love white rice and they seem to live longer and healthier than we do.

        • Brian Fundakowski Feldman

          Correlation is not causation. Their diet is TREMENDOUSLY different from the Western diet. Ignore white bread and white rice and look at the rest and you’ll see obvious distinctions.

  • Circaenterprise

    This is serious fear mongering.

  • Kapil S-k

    What a horribly inaccurate article.

    While I agree most of those suggestions are probably a good idea to avoid, their descriptions are so inaccurate it makes every scientist want to gouge their brains out.

    They talk about things that are “linked to cancer”, then imply that a certain food item which contains it, therefore causes that. Which is simply not true, since they do not talk about amounts of intake etc.

    Also, association does not imply causation.

    Third, there are just some facts in this that are blatantly wrong. Such as their talk about GM (genetically modified) foods being bad, and organic foods being good, which is simply the opposite case. Also, they talk about margarine being bad because it contains transfat, which is so 1 decade ago. Most margarines stopped hydrogenating their oils to produce margarine since it was found to create transfats, and now do it via other methods which ARE SAFE. A last hideously inaccurate example of the misinformation is when they talk about food substitutes and play into the common misconception that aspartame, etc is toxic, which it is NOT. It is several amino acids that are linked together (basically several protein precursors) that simulate a sweet sensation without causing a sugar spike, which is a better alternative to sugar in the prevention of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. However, I still detest artificial sweeteners because of their taste, but they are shown to be not toxic.

    • GMO foods and organic foods are not “opposite case” being organic bad for you and GMO good for you. What planet do you live on where you think it is healthier to ingest lots of chemical residues on your vegetables (GMOs are designed PURLY so that Monsanto can sell more weed killers and pesticides, not to make food more nutritious) than to NOT ingest them ? Aspartame is at the very least, controversial – there is nothing showing it is safe. And there are so many better alternatives to it that are more naturally sweet and do not spike blood sugar such as stevia powder, or using blackstrap molasses (which contains loads of iron and other minerals) or maple syrup rather than sugar. Why in the world should we choose to eat lab-created chemical concoctions that fool our body to think that there is sugar in something instead of using lower GI sweeteners and just simply – how about just learn to like things less sweet ? Studies show that people who consume diet products with fake sweeteners will eat more sugar in the end than those who do not as their bodies start to crave sweet taste everywhere, and many of the fake sweeteners cause diarrhoea and other nasty side effects like migraine headaches to people who are sensitive to them – something that no one who tries stevia or molasses complains about. I no longer live in the USA and every time I go back I am just disgusted that food tastes so nasty there, over sweetened, over oily, horribly fake tasting absolute junk that is served nearly everywhere. Whole foods grown in properly enriched organically maintained healthy soil, minimally processed are always going to be more healthy for you than chemical junk created to fake out your body.

      • Sean Donald Sparling

        You do realize that crops are genetically modified to reduce the amount of weed killers and pesticides needed right? Also you do realize “organic” crops still have to use (more, in fact) weed killers and pesticides right?

        • marssnw

          Sean, you are making too much sense. You are going to hurt Vegan Punkgirl’s brain.

        • Gary Fischman

          No, they’re genetically modified so they can tolerate huge amounts of weed killers and pesticides. Ever heard of “Roundup Ready@?”

      • marssnw
      • Brian Fundakowski Feldman

        Stevia is a banned known-carcinogen in the EU.

        • wizwaz

          interestingly “banned in the eu” and yet widely available in the uk and france, which are both eu countries!

        • No it’s not. I buy it here all the time. It is not a carcinogen. It was only banned for a short time until they had studies to show it was safe, as of 2011 it is widely available in Europe now. It was NEVER banned for being a carcinogen at all – simply for lack of clinical studies on safety. Once those were completed, it was allowed.

  • sadia

    white bread is dangerous but for different reasons then what they have mentioned. in fact if researched why white bread is our enemy we will never ever even look at it. it alters our insulin level and blood sugar etc. but this article is not properly re – searched.

  • kittylkitty

    although some of these makes sense, alot of them sound like this person is bullshitting on weak research and just snobby as fuck. who the hell has money or even know where to buy ‘hymalayian pink salt’ .. im from thailand and the only time i’ve seen this sold is in beauty products. and i bet for alot of people out there it would be difficult and expensive to buy. this is what gives healthy eating a bad name. sure each of these has a point to them, but for most people it doesnt work unless you have absolutely no allergies and a big wallet.

    • Brian Fundakowski Feldman

      Actually, non-white salt is a sign that it is loaded with important trace mineral nutrients that the body needs. It’s not a conspiracy if something is healthier and has more flavor. Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t make it snake oil. Plain sea salt and MSG are fine, too, but they don’t confer trace minerals which a diet may otherwise be deficient of.

  • marssnw

    Yeah, I don’t buy the whole “protein bars are bad for you”. I would rather eat a protein bar than a snickers. At least I know Im getting some nutrients from it. Ridiculous.

    • rebel83

      Honestly, you’d be better off eating the snickers.

      • Brian Fundakowski Feldman

        Probably be better off just going hungry than eating either.

  • Jay Carter

    Well, I for one LOVE this list for one reason, and one reason alone…and that is what to FILL my grocery cart with when shopping! Haha *insert sarcastic laugh*

  • meatgood

    Yeah, another hippie putting the fear of death into people to combat big business and promote vegan eating

  • anom

    We have all been misled. Foods that our grandparents, great grandparents and ancestors grew up with were then said to be bad because of greed and marketing of many corporations. (Did you know that they even paid the scientists to lie?) We are now smarter about what happened. But now it is almost gone beyond what should have been and we are paying for it in our health. And now they stripped a lot of our foods of the natural nutrients, and we have no choice, even if we want to. We can never go back. Only forward and towards what? I don’t know.

  • noobtreeguy

    this is a Whole Foods propaganda piece. Just look at all the “healthy food recommendations” listed, all available at whole foods no doubt. Also I’m Asian, and there’s no way I’m giving up white rice. And if you look at the health metrics across asia you’ll find they’re doing quite well except where Mc Donalds has popped up

    • Brian Fundakowski Feldman

      Just because a diet full of fish, vegetables and white rice is healthy does not mean that it is not more healthy to replace white rice with whole-grain rice. Also, Whole Foods generally sells a ton of things which are not actually organic and especially not non-GMO-certified, so why would anyone conscientious shop there much more often than a standard grocery store, anyway?

    • Hairy Guy

      brown rice is not much more expensive than white

  • Laura

    You should use more than one reliable source, otherwise no one will take you seriously.

  • Jake Cohen

    Sorry to say but most of this article is entirely bullshit.

  • Igor

    Bold claims like this without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

  • Kee


  • Cat Goodall

    Very good points about white bread, margarine and ‘diet’ options. My parents just won’t believe that these are bad for you. But they have eaten them all their lives and are in very good health for their age.

    However, I don’t understand why GM is considered as bad an attribute as refining and adding preservatives to food. GM crops allow us to feed populations in areas starved by drought and where there are just too many mouths to feed with conventional plants. There is no reputable science which proves that GM products are bad for human health (although there are legitimate concerns about how they will affect native plant ecosystems). Most anti-GM sentiment is spread by ignorant fear-mongering backed up by a handful of quack science experiments.

    • wizwaz

      you could actually say the same of pro-GM sentiment, plus a tonne or two or round-up, which is killing the bees. your choice

    • dr. angelface


    • wafarmer

      “There is no reputable science which proves that GM products are bad for
      human health (although there are legitimate concerns about how they will
      affect native plant ecosystems). Most anti-GM sentiment is spread by
      ignorant fear-mongering backed up by a handful of quack science
      Of cause there is no “reputable” science that bad mouths GMO’s that is if you accept the GM industries own science as the only true facts on the matter as do most countries health authorities as they do none or very little of their own testing.
      Most GM crops just allow the use of increased applications of normally toxic (to the plant) chemicals so that different crop rotations can be grown to control weeds that have become resistant to other chemical groups.
      Of cause all this does is speed up the weeds resistance to the chemical group used by the GM company.
      The makers of GMO’s have no interest in the welfare of farmers consumers or the poor and staving in the third world just their own profits and I have never seen a company ever give up a product that harmed humans or the animal or environment until forced by law to do so just look at history for their track record.

  • who wrote this? a prime example not to believe everything you read on the internet.

  • Jim Hasak

    Not a bad list, but some of the discussion is off-base.

    “Processed salt” is good for you. It contains iodine, lacking in some other fad salts.

    Hexane (in soy products) is gone long before the food hits the grocery shelf.

    Ditto any residual chlorine or bromine in white flour.

    Careful not to sound like you are broad-brushing frozen “disease in a box.” Many frozen vegetables, e.g., are an excellent food, no more processed than fresh foods, and in some times of year or some places, the only economical way for folks to get good veggies in the diet.

  • devika

    Loved this article, so true.

  • Perry

    Do you believe in scientific method? Then don’t believe this article.

  • Paul

    Basically, eating and drinking is bad for you. Survive on fresh air. Load of old bollocks.

  • Musashi5000

    We’re pre-programmed to wear out. No amount of exercise and clean living can change that.

  • Clay Pendleton

    I really don’t know very many Asians that eat brown rice unless they are body builders. When I was in the Navy, years ago, I would ask people in the Philippines, Korea as well as Islanders if they ever ate brown rice. They would reply with a yuck! I know that unless you can get brown rice fresh, it won’t hold up in humid climates like white rice does. Brown rice also unless you know for a fact that it’s organic, most brown rice has pesticides that stick to the outer bran hull that you end up eating. And come on, white bread is served all throughout Europe especially in Italy. I’m sure it may not be bleached but it’s still white bread and for what I have read – whole wheat bread raises your blood sugar higher than white bread does. The key to most things in life is not to over indulge but do it in moderation.

  • Clay Pendleton

    I really don’t know very many Asians that eat brown rice unless they are body builders. When I was in the Navy, years ago, I would ask people in the Philippines, Korea as well as Islanders if they ever ate brown rice. They would reply with a yuck! I know that unless you can get brown rice fresh, it won’t hold up in humid climates like white rice does. Brown rice also unless you know for a fact that it’s organic, most brown rice has pesticides that stick to the outer bran hull that you end up eating. And come on, white bread is served all throughout Europe especially in Italy. I’m sure it may not be bleached but it’s still white bread and for what I have read – whole wheat bread raises your blood sugar higher than white bread does. The key to most things in life is not to over indulge but do it inmoderation.
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  • weasel5i2

    This article is complete bullshit. You’re quoting Natural News. You lose whatever credibility you had, instantly, right there.

  • bimjim

    First paragraph… “With so much misinformation out there about food and how it affects
    human health, making healthy food choices for you and your family can be
    difficult and confusing.”

    This entire article just did the same thing by adding more misinformation – just more fearmongering, by describing some perfectly healthy foods as being in the same category as some unhealthy foods.